THZY 1200P Best Borescope Inspection Camera – [Our Reviews]

THZY Best Borescope Inspection Camera Review Under $40

THZY best borescope inspection camera – Best Review

If you have a budget of $40, and you want to spend it on buying one of the best inspection cameras available in the market, then you might consider this Wireless Inspection Camera made by THZY that is suitable for all of your needs.

Best Review of THZY 1200P HD Resolution Borescope – Amazon’s Best Selling Item of 2017 – 2018

Let me share my personal buying guide for any borescope inspection camera. If I am going for the affordable and cheapest borescope inspection camera then I will not compromise on the following features.

  • Cable length
  • Camera Resolution
  • Cable Flexibility

Cable length is one of the best features of any inspection camera which determines its usage & camera determines the quality.

After reviewing many affordable inspection cameras on my website, this one is one of my favorite and I will recommend to everyone to please check it out by yourself.

If you don’t believe on my words, you will definitely find this inspection camera along with other best ones.

The reason why I am reviewing this borescope endoscope is that it comes in two different sizes, you can buy its 3.5m cable length model under just 35$ budget, and If you want to go for the long cable of 10m length, then it is also available under 45$ budget.


THZY offers 1200P HD resolution camera, which was the main reason I decided to review this
inspection camera as well. It will allow you to capture ims and video recordings of very fine quality and with impressive resolution, under 40$ budget, you will not get any other borescope wireless inspection camera.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry for any damage due to water or oil spillage, its camera and cable is fully water proof with IP-67 protection class, means that it is fully protected against dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for about 30 minutes.

It is also mentioned that the best observation distance is exactly 2.36 inches, so you don’t need to adjust it for any other focal distance, you will get impressive results from its recommended settings.

This inspection camera is equipped with HD 2.0 newest update chip which is a breakthrough in inspection camera field.

It has optimized the speed of image transmission and image quality. This feature is currently not available in any other endoscopes available in the market.

You have found many other inspection cameras which are only compatible with the Android smartphones, but this inspection endoscope is fully compatible with the Android and IOS smartphones as well.

Now you can easily connect it via wifi to your latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC systems.



Its HD light interface controller feature makes it very much different from any other inspection camera.

The camera equipped with 6 circled HD tempered light LEDs can greatly reduce image over-exposure, exhibits outstanding color temperature when using in a dark environment.

Many other inspection cameras are using conventional LED lamps attached above the camera head to increase the brightness when using in dark or closed places.

But THZY endoscope has used a pretty new technology in its inspection camera, which uses an advanced chip that produces HD light whenever needed.

        In addition to that, another most important feature that is only available in THYZ inspection camera is its “Intelligent Control Chip” technology.

You may not find this control chip technology in other traditional endoscope inspection cameras available in the market.

It gives more strength to its 1200P 2.0 Mega pixels HD resolution camera, it automatically enhances the image and video quality without doing anything manually.

It provides 3 adjustable kind of resolutions i.e. 320×240, 640×480, 1280 x 720.

These features make it a new kind of Wifi endoscope inspection camera.


As you can see in the picture on the right-hand side, that its gooseneck cable is not very flexible, it is very hard enough to easily insert it into any boreholes, inside walls, HVAC duct, pipe and sewer lines etc.

Most of the traditional Endoscopes are using the soft and flexible cable which makes them very hard to easily hold it. But THZY makes it a very different kind of cable which is very convenient and easy to use.

Many advances in camera and LED miniaturization technology (illumination 8) has allowed this inspection camera to be one of the best inspection cameras at an affordable price.

How to connect:

  • Step1: You need to Install “Wifi View” app, easily available on Android and IOS play store on Your Smartphone
  • Step2: Turn on THZY Endoscope
  • Step3: Connect Your smartphone or either tablet & laptop to your Endoscope camera.

Applicable Scenarios:



Package Includes:

1 x THZY Wifi Endoscope
1 x 10m long cable
1 x Accessories – Mirror, Hook, Magnet
1 x Micro USB to USB Cable
1 x Micro USB to Micro USB cable




  • Do not support video recording for IOS 8.0 lower systems
  • When modifying the wifi password on Wifi-View app, please note, it can only accept either numbers or letters, any special characters are unacceptable.

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      THZY 1200P Best Borescope Inspection Camera – [Our Reviews]

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