What’s So Special About Google Stadia? The Future of Advanced Gaming?

Google Stadia – A New Cloud Based Gaming Platform or Just an Idea?

Google A giant and dominant company has just unveiled a new cloud gaming platform and named it as Google Stadia. The announcement was made on 21st March, 2019 and after that, everyone’s go crazy about it.

So, what’s special in it? and how it can readily improve the gaming experience for everyone? After a deep research, I found a couple of points and want to share with everyone! But still there are many questions in my mind, that remains unanswered yet and I haven’t found any answer regarding it.

Let’s check out some more info related to the future of Gaming platform!

Google Stadia - Cloud Based Gaming platform

Google Stadia Platform – Experience the Future of Gaming at low cost

In the event of GDC 2019, Google’s CEO mentioned the reason for a new gaming platform, because he believes that Game is something that everyone should have access to, he also added:

“The future of gaming is not a box,” not to Google. “It’s a place.” Just like how humans have built stadiums for sports over hundreds of years.

Game Platform for Everyone?

IMG SOURCE: Phys.org

Google believes in making a new gaming ecosystem with the help of their partners that will totally change the idea of playing games around the globe and provide a solution for the future of games to be played anywhere and on any device.

In the same GDC event, he also said something that you can’t believe it at first, but I bet you must do, because Google is saying so,

“You won’t need an expensive gaming PC or an expensive gaming consoles. Instead, you’ll just need access to Google’s Chrome browser to instantly play games on a phone, tablet, laptops, or TV.”

However, after watching the whole video of the event, I realized that there is no single word related to actual Price, actual internet speed and bandwidth was spoken by Sundar Pichai or even afterwards, it actually seems like an idea or speculation but I personally believe in Google and they have the power to do something that have never done before.

It’s a daring and undaunted innovation in the field of gaming and Google believes that it will surely change the gaming experience around the world with its cloud based gaming platform “Stadia”.

I personally think that Google has unveiled its platform very early to the world because it needs to remain one step ahead of everyone, but it has left us knowing very little about it and that’s the reason everyone out there backlashing the idea of Google.

Google Stadia 2019 in a Nutshell:

Watch the official reveal trailer of Google Stadia that has shaken the whole Gaming industry and announced something that will change the Gaming infrastructure worldwide.


GDC 2019 – Announcement of Google Stadia

In the event of Game Developers Conference (GDC 2019), Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) announced a new gaming platform that will use Google’s Cloud servers to run the games and allow gamers to use this service on any platform.

If you want to know more about the announcement and details Of Google Stadia from the CEO of Google, you will definitely not miss this video!



Amazing Features: We Haven’t Seen Before!

  1. *Compatible with multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, gaming consoles and tablets etc.
  2. Playing Games like a YouTube video Streaming
  3. Enjoy Gaming experience with 4K HDR Graphics and smooth frame rates.
  4. Instant play is available without the need of downloading and updating Games.
  5. First ever Cloud’s based infrastructure for Gaming.

*High-speed internet connection with high bandwidth is required.



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      What’s So Special About Google Stadia? The Future of Advanced Gaming?

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