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Hello Everyone and welcome to my Freebies Page. I am glad that you are here. So, many of you are wondering what you will get here? Free stuff?

Just free stuff
. Here, you will only get the free stuff, online freebies, free online deals, coupons, and free promo codes. I will try my best to provide the free stuff here, which I have gathered from the Internet after investing my countless hours searching for the free stuff and online coupon codes.

Save Money during online Shopping

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You will also get an [updated list] of best affiliate programs other than Amazon Affiliate Program because Amazon is very common nowadays.

Some of the given mentioned Affiliate programs do not require any website or any demands (like High traffic, best track record, social media following, etc.). You can apply for those affiliate programs without a website and share your affiliate links to the following best platforms.

I will give you some new opportunities to earn money on the internet fast and use full advantage of free AFFILIATE PROGRAMS out there, that can give you up to 75% commission on a single sale.

So before further talking, let’s check it out below – Let’s get some background or prerequisite information.

Why everyone starts with the Amazon Affiliate Program? however, there are plenty of ones available in the market

Amazon Affiliate Program VS Others – [2018 Guide]?

Many people are confused, either they should have to join Amazon Affiliate program or other famous affiliate programs. Please continue reading, I will explain this a little bit more.

Amazon Affiliate Program:
  • Amazon is a Brand and everyone trust in it. They know that  it will not cheat with them
  • Commission rate is very less, the maximum commission is 10%, it means Amazon takes more money
  • Visitors will buy more if there is an Amazon Affiliate Link
  • Amazon’s Landing page produce more sales
Other Affiliate Programs:
  • Other affiliate programs are emerging in the market, they are in a growing phase.
  • Commission rate is very High, some of them offer 75% commission, it means, you can earn more
  • Visitors will not buy more through these Affiliate Links
  • Their Landing is not very good, because they don’t have many products to show as Amazon

List of Other Most Famous Affiliate Programs

  1. Jane Affiliate Program
    You can join Jane’s affiliate program in 3 simple steps. It is working in the market for about 5 to 6 years. Its commission rate is very high and starting at 11%. You can gain full advantage of your sales. You can withdraw via Paypal and bank transfer also.
  2. Current Boutique Affiliate Program
    You can join this affiliate program very easily. It is working in the market for about 2 to 3 years. Its commission rate is very fixed. You will get 11% fixed rate if you sell any of their products via Banner, ads and affiliate links. You can withdraw via PayPal only.
More coming soon. So stay tuned with me!