[Best Prank Ever] – How an Egyptian Girl Pranks over “NASA BBQ”?

[Secret Revealed] Egyptian Girl Becomes Famous in Just 10 Minutes

Egyptial girl - Sarah Abulkhair Fooled people with her "NASA BBQ" social prank

Sarah Aboulkhair – Instagram Story “NASA BBQ” prank 2018

I have seen many people ask on the internet how anyone can become famous overnight? OR how to become famous online? OR how can one become famous in 10 minutes?

Today, I will show you how you can also become famous just like Sarah Aboulkhair (Egyptian girl)

TIP# 1: You just need to post something which grabs the attention of other people. However, it is not easy, but you may try it.

Is it really possible in today’s world? what will you say? If I say “YES”.

On Oct 22, 2018, the girl named “Sarah Abouelkhair” did something, which shocked the whole social media – particularly Instagram & Facebook.

Sarah Aboulkhair, a student in the American University in Cairo (who has over 35.1k Instagram Followers) made an Instagram story named “BBQ” with a picture of official NASA logo and tagged NASA organization in her story, as you can check in the attached picture.

Sarah Abulkheir, an Egyptian AUC student who fooled people with her Instagram story "NASA BBQ"

Instagram Story prank – NASA BBQ

This was the only point when her Instagram story got others attention even from NASA and people started sharing her Instagram story just afterward.

So, how it all begins? Actually, she had a brilliant and amazing idea for NASA that may end the hunger and save the whole planet, so she explained her whole idea with the help of an Instagram story and named it as “NASA BBQ

Sarah Aboulkhair - Amazing proposal for NASA (social media prank 2018)

The amazing, brilliant & cost-effective idea for NASA (Egyptian Girl)

Sarah’s original Quote:

Hi, NASA. I have an Amazing idea for you. I won’t change for it, although it’s genius and I probably should.”

Sarah Aboulkhair



Her Brilliant Idea: What if before rocket launches – Hear me out? we put a giant Grill with tons of Chicken, Cow, and other Halal animals meat… 😛





The Real Truth Behind the Egyptian Girl

UPDATED: On Nov 7, 2018, BingeCircle had also featured Sarah Aboulkhair on their Youtube Channel just after 1 month of her viral Instagram Story, which went viral on Instagram – Check it out (Arabic Voice)

Giant Grill Before Rocket Launching – Brilliant Idea

She proposed an idea of “Giant Grill” to NASA and also explained with the help of a proper illustration. What if before rocket launches – Hear me out? we put a giant Grill with tons of Chicken, Cow, and other Halal animals meat…. 😛

Egyptian girl pranks msm over NASA BBQ Party

NASA BBQ Plan: Giant Grill Before Rocket Launching

Giant Grill – My personal question to Sarah is that how are we supposed to get the big giant grill?

Hahaha! Actually, she was referring to the space rocket launching. When the engine of a space rocket starts, then it produces a great amount of heat and energy by the expulsion of an exhaust Fluid, and it can be easily used to roast the meat without any external energy.

BBQ Party For NASA On Every Rocket Launching

After that, the whole meat party will begin. “Less Labor – More Flavour” Cheesy Fiesta! She explained her logic in the given way;

BBQ for Everyone in NASA! in less than a minute (60 seconds)

She didn’t end up here. She explained the whole science with the idea. In her Instagram story, she also asked the question to all of her followers in a more decent and stylish way.

She asked – Should NASA just hire me for my creative ideas on saving the World 1 BBQ at a time?

helen degeneres pranks - An Egyptian girl prank

BBQ Party for every employee on every Rocket launching


After that, she shared a screenshot of the private message, which she received from NASA after her story became viral on Instagram and other social media websites.

She also shared other messages which she got from SpaceX & BuzzFeed (American Internet media and news company based in New York City)

They wanted to conduct an interview with her in order to cover the whole story. They also asked for her permission though  🙂

Best Social media prank of 2018 which shokced the whole everyone!

NASA, SpaceX, and Buzzfeed – Offers to Sarah AboulKhair

[Over night Success and Fame] – Right na? This is a really good example of “Online Celebrity”. I really admire her, at least she steps out and explained the idea which she had in her mind from about a couple of months.

Netflix & The Ellen DeGeneres Show Offers to Sarah AboulKhair

She shared messages from Netflix & The Ellen Degeneres show – they wanted to document the whole journey in an exclusive short when she will spend her day with SpaceX.

She even shared & attached the picture with her family including her parents which she took outside the Kennedy Space Center, Orlando.

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Everyone was so confused at that point. How did the 2 most famous and biggest companies respond her in just 1 or 3 days? OR how her story gets noticed by SpaceX and NASA, because every day, they receive tons of notifications.


Media figures pouring in after Sarah's announcement; like Netflix, Buzzfeed and Ellen DeGeneres.

Offers from major companies Netflix, Buzzfeed, and Ellen DeGeneres.

But what was the actual story behind this amazing and creative idea?? no one knows exactly – Everyone just amazed, shocked and confused, just like me when I first saw her Instagram story.

Just check her overall excitement, when she got famous after getting an overwhelming response from SpaceX, NASA, Netflix, Buzzfeed, and TheEllenShow.

Sarah AboulKhair - Official Public Figure (NASA Girl)

Sarah AboulKhair Demanding Official Wikipedia Page

Sarah’s Important Message

Actually, all the screenshots were real. She got those Instagram messages in a real-time.

She has over 35.1K Instagram followers.

All tags in her story related to NASA, SpaceX, BBQ, and got her a massive influence of people out there. This is the power of Social media, which we cannot neglect in today’s world.

There are many examples of these types of fame, success, and stardom. Many people become Millionaire, celebrities, models, etc. by using just Social Media influence and power.

The given attached picture will clear all your confusions and misconceptions about her.

So actually, she was performing a social experiment to let the world know about the futility and influence of social media, and how social media can be used to promote fake or hyped news.

After the whole social experiment, she also sent a message to NASA and explained the whole experiment which was conducted at that time.

Social experiment topic: Futility of social media

Social Experiment – The real truth behind the social media prank

Internet Celebrity – Sarah AboulKhair [Best Prank Ever]

Her social experiment gave her a huge fame, success, and influence from the world’s most powerful companies and influential people.

After 4 to 5 days of the experiment, she also got offered amazing gifts from major companies.

Sarah: Gifts from Major and most famous companies

Sarah received Amazon gift cards when her story went viral


My Recommendation to Everyone!

[ANY IDEA CAN BE BIG & AMAZING]. You just need to work on it. There are countless people, who have many awesome ideas in their mind, but they do not go one step further, they just discuss their ideas with others and others demotivate them and break their motivations.

Any idea cannot be small, it is your mind that cannot handle that idea.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything (George Bernard)

In this way, she got new Instagram followers and her followers keep increasing now. I will definitely say that it was the Best Social Experiment I have ever seen in my life that took the whole new level.

After the experiment, now everyone calling her “NASA Girl”- Sarah AboulKhair (Genious Girl)

Congrats to Sarah AbulKhair (https://www.instagram.com/sarahabulkhair/). If you want to check her Instagram story by yourself, please click on the given link and you will land directly to her BBQ – NASA Social Experiment

BBQ – @sarahabulkhair

A Quick Glimpse – 
Who Is Sarah Abouelkhair?

Her full name is Sarah Amr AbulKhair (As mentioned on her Student ID), she is a Muslim girl born in Cairo, Egypt and a graduate of “Hayah International Academy”.

She has also received an Award Certificate from Hayah, for making Hayad Academy Proud 🙂  and currently a student of American University in Cairo (AUC).

Her recent social media prank provided a great opportunity to represent herself in the entire world and she is now grabbing attention from the media news headlines in Egypt and the Middle East.

Important Disclosure:

All images representing Sarah’s story has been gathered from her Instagram Account. All images are copyrighted by Sarah. She is an original author. No one is allowed to reproduce or edit any of these images for the commercial purpose.

I am responsible for all of my actions (I have used images for the explanation purpose to represent her social experiment).

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