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So you are here on my page, it means you haven’t found the buying guide for the best Inspection camera of 2018. Here, you will get the perfect guide to buy any inspection camera under your budget. There are many endoscopes and borescopes inspection camera out there, but everyone has some issues in it.

Today, I will uncover all those issues with the cheap inspection cameras and give you the best guide in order to purchase one. So If you have a less budget, medium budget, and high-end budget, you will definitely find something amazing here. By the end of the post, you will have a clear idea of buying the best endoscope inspection camera according to your needs.

I have spent a lot of time in making this article which will provide you the awesome guide in purchasing of inspection camera of your choice!!

The Best Inexpensive Inspection cameras of 2018 – Don’t Need To Spend More

First, I will talk about the inexpensive and affordable best inspection cameras, which can easily fulfill all your needs. So, if you are a newbie or a professional one and want to avail all of the best features of an inspection camera then this guide will be only for you. There are some inspection endoscopes which can even use for Spark plugs, boreholes and wall inspection and on those, where you can’t even see with your naked eye.

UNDER 50$ BUDGET – Top 4 Best Inexpensive Endoscopes (Really??)

1: Instecho – Wireless Endoscope Inspection Camera with 2.0 MP HD Snake Camera

With a 16.4FT cable and 8.5mm diameter camera head, this inspection endoscope is very suitable for various types of inspection environments, for example, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area etc. In addition to that, waterproof bendable semi-rigid cable can access a wide variety of confined place.

Another amazing thing is that if you buy it, you will get Free Warranty – 100% Money Back Guarantee, and Instecho 1-Year Limited warranty. If you have any unsatisfied or problem with our product, please you can easily contact them, they will offer you the best service!

If you are looking for the best wifi endoscope inspection camera under 20$, then Instecho Wireless endoscope will be the perfect product for you.

2: BlueFire – Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope HD Resolution Inspection Camera

 This is another low-cost wireless endoscope, which can save you a hefty amount of money. It comes with 4 different sizes of cables i.e. 11.5ft, 16.4ft, 33ft, and 49.2 ft. This BlueFire semi-rigid flexible cable is the longest cable ever seen in any of the best inspection cameras.

Its 2 megapixels CMOS HD camera is based on latest technology which provides full HD videos and snapshot images for 3 most optimum and best resolutions, i.e.320×240, 640×480, 1280 x 720

This wifi borescope has its own Wi-Fi Signal and a built-in Li-lon rechargeable battery, so you don’t need extra AA batteries and external cable or adapter. All you need to do is just to download and install the “WIFI VIEW” app on your smartphone and connect to its WIFI.

I personally recommend this product to everyone, who don’t want to invest a lot of money on endoscopes.

3: Depstech – Semi-Rigid Endoscope Inspection Camera with 2.0 MP CMOS HD Waterproof Camera 

This one is another brand new product of Depstech, which is based on a USB connection. This USB endoscope inspection camera provides full reliability to those who don’t want to use Wifi connection to view the images and Video recording. It is fully compatible with Android, IOS smartphones as well as tablets and laptops and PC systems.

It is equipped with HD 2MP Camera with sensor & Faster Chip Capture technology that is capable of providing a clear 1280×720 (Full HD Picture) snapshot images for hi-vision lens; 30fps fluent video will be produced from the Depstech newer chip is an additional feature, which we cannot neglect.

0.33in camera probe with IP67 Waterproof will be capable to explore unreachable or hard-to-see areas such as underwater pipe, car engines, vent pipes, boreholes, walls, spark plugs, HVAC etc.

4: Depstech – 1200P Semi-Rigid Wireless Endoscope with 2.0 MP HD Borescope Inspection Camera

This one is a little bit higher in price than the previous ones, but this price is very valid for this awesome 1200P HD inspection camera of 2018. This Innovative WiFi Endoscope comes with great compatibility features:

1: It is very different from traditional endoscopes, this wireless wifi inspection camera will work with Android devices( Android 2.3+), as well as the iPhone IOS system(iOS 6.0+). This makes the endoscope appeal to many users with various kinds of devices.

2: True 1200P HD Resolution Camera is able to capture HD snapshot of the unknown, dark or wet areas where the human eyes are difficult to catch the image, along with recording a vivid live- video in 1600×1200 resolution.

3: Simple Operation Method: Turning on Wifi box to generate endoscope Wifi, connect your working device with the endoscope Wifi, and then just enjoy the expected view with our unique app “Depstech”.

Featuring built-in super 1800mAh battery, its battery supports 3-4h working time without LED light on, outshining other endoscopes with working time less than 1h. Furthermore, 6 adjustable LED lights on the camera, applicable for various kinds of scenarios.





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