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Honey App Reviews 2018 – (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)

Honey App Reviews – Free Honey Coupon App that Can Save You 1000s of Dollars

Have you ever wondered to save your precious money while doing online shopping on your favorite brands or stores? I bet you do, and you have also tried various Coupon Sites or Deal Websites, online promo codes, but you always have some issues while using those free coupon or promo codes.

Actually, I have also tried to use those codes on different online shopping websites but it’s just a waste of time, they are useless and not working at all most of the times.

But you don’t need to worry, my article “honey app reviews” will solve all your coupon or best deals finding problems.

It will provide you a detailed insightful information about the honey coupon app that claims to automatically save your money or give you a coupon code during check out.

So, whether you are shopping from Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, or any other platforms, this honey app will automatically show you the discounted price during product view or during check out. It claims to be worked on 30,000 online shopping sites and Honey app members have saved about $800 million in total till now.

Honey App Reviews - Save money with free Honey App

Save Money with Free Honey App – Honey App Genuine Review 2017-2018

Discovery of Free Honey Coupon App

Let me explain you an incident that how I found this Honey app and decided to make a review on it!
About 1 month ago, I was checking Dell laptops on Amazon website, the prices were very high and I had a low budget, so I decided to find any deal or coupon on Google that may be applicable on Amazon. I tried about 10 websites, but none of them was perfect, some of them working for only a few products and some of them redirects you to coupon or deal websites which were very annoying.

At that time, I continued my search on google and at last found this amazing “Honey coupon app” that was free of cost and claiming to save money during online purchasing of product from famous branded stores.

What is Honey Coupon App? How is it launched? How Does It Work?

Honey Shopping App or Money saver app is new to the online marketing world, and it is currently booming in America and Europe and gradually spreading all over the world at a great pace.

I know, you just want to use it right away, but please take your time to read my full detailed review which I have just written after reading so many articles and customer reviews.

So it’s my request to please give a shot to my amazing article because it contains am important or useful information which can be very useful while making an online purchase.

Save Money Using Honey

Save Money using Honey App Extension

A Little Introduction [Honey – Money Saving App]

The honey app was launched by Ryan Hudson in 2012 when he was struggling with financial concerns. He said in one of his interviews that:

“The idea behind “Honey App” clicked – when one day, he ordered a pizza online for him and his two children. At that time, he was thinking to himself that there was probably a coupon code or deal that would allow him to save some cash on the online pizza order.

From that time, he started working on it in order to automate the whole process of finding coupon codes or deals for online shopping and combine all of the available coupon codes into one site.

Slowly and gradually, his idea became the product and changed into a start-up.

After immense hard work and struggle of Ryan Hudson and his Co-founder, this L.A (Los Angeles) start-up turned into something that was marketable, and available to launch for online consumers.

Honey App Review - Founder and Co-founder

Founder and Co-founder of the best money saving app (Honey Coupon App 2018) sitting together.

Today, Honey Extension app is available to download for free for most of the browsers namely; Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, and Opera. Users can easily download the honey extension app from their respective browser extension store.

I have shown the whole process to download this honey extension on the Chrome browser. Please check out my video below!

How to Install Honey Coupon App Chrome Extension?

The honey app is available for most used browsers. As many of you are most familiar with Google Chrome browser.

So, I will also stick with it in my whole article. In order to know how to install this Honey app extension on Chrome? please check out my video (Just 4 steps Voila!! 🙂 )

1: Go to your Chrome Store & search for Honey app
2: Install the extension
3: Create your account first
4: Go to your account and check for the available coupon codes OR directly go to your online store website


The same steps will be followed for other supported browsers. If you need any kind of help. Please contact me!

However, if you are interested to use the honey app on the Mozilla Firefox browser (The most used browser in the entire world after Google Chrome) please feel free to comment below.

I will make the entire post or video on the “Honey app reviews Mozilla Firefox.


Does The Honey App Really Work – 2018 Review? Or It’s Fake?

If you are still confused that either Honey coupon finder app really works or not? then you should have to test it by yourself. It will not cost you a penny.

But I can say with 100% surety that it works and I have personally tested it, that’s why I am very fond of honey money savings app that can save you some cash during online checkout.

You just need to click on the Honey extension and it will automatically apply the coupon code to your shopping cart – isn’t it amazing feature?

When I first found this extension, I had some really bad thoughts in my mind, one of the most important was that this app could get our personal data or run some hidden script on my computer, as it was just an extension.

Honey save money review

Does the honey app really work? Honey shopping app reviews

But after that, I searched a lot and spent long hours reviewing this extension by myself before presenting it to you.

I even ran windows Task Manager on my computer to check the usage of the extension, but I didn’t find any suspicious code or activity during the operation of this extension.

If you search about this honey extension app on any search engine, you will not found any negative news about this app, so you can trust on it, or if you are still worried, you can use it on the Incognito mode of any web browser.

Testimonials from Other Companies For Honey App

Let’s check, what other famous companies say about Honey app, you will be amazed by their responses.

Mashable, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, CNN, Time and many other famous companies have said marvelous words about this app.

Honey App Reviews by Other Famous Companies

Beautiful words By famous companies for Free Honey App

How to Properly Use Honey Coupon App to Save Money Online?

As I am very familiar to the Google Chrome browser, so I will show its working on Chrome browser only. But don’t worry, if you have installed some different browser on your computer or laptop –it’s working is same in almost all supported browsers – Contact Me, if you need any help!

Honey shopping app reviews 2018 - Honey savings app

Honey save money review – how to save money online?

So, how we can save our money with this awesome Honey Coupon App?

First, we will talk about the latest coupon codes of the famous shopping websites, how we can acquire those valid working coupon codes with this free Honey app?

Then, in the next section, we will use Honey App directly on the shopping websites and check whether it applies coupon codes automatically or not?

So there are two ways, you can get the advantage of this free Honey app extension.

First, you have to open the website name i.e. www.joinhoney.com and create your account on it. When you successfully logged in into your account, you will see, that Honey app will be enabled in your browser, as shown in the screenshot below!

Honey browser app review - How to use Honey Coupon App

How to Enable Free Honey Extension App on Chrome browser

When you scroll a page a little bit, you will find the coupon codes of the top-selling brands &shopping websites. Just click on “Get Coupon”, to view the code, which you just have to paste in the Coupon Code option during checkout.

One of the most amazing features is that they update coupon codes on regular basis, you will find the coupon codes based on;

  • Top-rated brands
  • For Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce stores
  • For Hotels booking websites
Free Honey coupon app - 3000+ online coupon codes and promo codes

Free Honey coupon codes – Honey online shopping coupon codes

Secondly, we will check how to use Honey App during online shopping and check its recent claim of automatically applying coupon codes during the checkout process.

Now buy an Inspection camera as low as 35$

Don't buy before checking any review

First, I will try to use Honey coupon app on the most famous online shopping and E-commerce website i.e. Amazon I will show you with the help of any random product and explain it with the help of the given screenshots.

***Please check it out below!!***

Let’s say, you have to buy “Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera” from Amazon. When you will search for this product and if your Honey browser extension Enabled, then 3 new things will appear on your browser screen.

  • The first one is the “Honey App Extension” that will be enabled with an orange color mark.
  • The second thing is the “Price Changes” feature of the Free honey app.
  • The third one is the “Droplist” menu of Honey app.
Honey browser app reviews - Free honey app 2018

Droplist and Price Changes Feature of Free Honey Coupon App Extension 2018

Droplist is the most important feature of Honey app when you click on Droplist button, it will add your product in the watchlist and it’ll give you an alert whenever there is a price drop in your item.

They will email you instantly whenever there will be the better price of your product. You will set your own days and price.

Honey coupon app reviews - Droplist feature

Droplist feature – Important Feature of Honey Coupon App

Price Change is another important feature of Honey App. It will show you the history of all price changes till current date for your product. Like in my case of Canon Camera, it showed me two constant price changes on August 2, 2018, to Sep 2018.

The highest price was $439 lowest price was $399. Similarly, you can expect some more changes in the upcoming days or months. If you able to buy this product at the price of $399, you will save about $40 on a single product.

Isn’t it an amazing and most-useful feature?

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments section below. I will love to see your responses and feedback.
Honey shopping app reviews - Price change feature

Price change feature – Important Feature of Honey Coupon App

Free Coupon Codes Or Promo codes –  Most of you are very fond of this amazing thing. It is another most important feature of Honey app.

It will show you all coupon codes related to your online shopping website, you just have to click on the Honey app extension from the top right corner of the browser (If you are using Google Chrome browser).

You can also find coupon codes of other famous stores from your Honey App account.

Free Coupon codes or promo codes - Honey Coupon App Extension

Find free coupon codes with free Honey App


Amazon and other famous online stores - Free coupon codes

5$ to 100$ – Free Coupon codes Available on Honey App

The Honey Coupon App claims that they have 30,000+ online shopping websites portal. They usually update the coupon codes of most famous and selling brands on an hourly basis.

So you can easily check out some latest coupon codes and old working codes by login into your Honey App account.

All famous brands that you know currently are on their list and their marketing and branding team are continuously working to add more brands day by day.

20000+ Online Shopping Websites - Best Promo codes (Use Honey App)

Honey App – Never Search for Coupon Codes Again

Important Things To Consider – Save Yourself Online with Free Honey Coupon App

The Honey Coupon app just makes me suspicious on one thing only, why it’s free? because you also know that nothing is free in this world, or easy, especially when you’re talking about the life and money saving app like “Honey App Extension” that is totally free of cost.

You just have to install the extension and signup with your social media account (Like Facebook) or signup directly on its website. The reasons can be many.

  • Marketing and Branding Technique to make Honey App accessible to everyone.
  • To acquire customers data quickly such as name, email address etc. for marketing purpose.
  • To check customers buying trends and other behaviors.
  • To get more commission by driving more sales to the top rates brands & online buying sites.
  • To sell your personal data to other 3rd party websites for illegal purposes.

The above 4 points can be very valid for Honey App, however, I will not agree to the last point, because the “Honey” company has already mentioned on its website that;

Data will never be sold to third-parties for any reason, and the company has an extensive privacy policy.

Honey Company

So we can trust on this and obviously if there is any data leakage info with the Honey app found, so its all in the news until now. As you all know that we are living in that era in which electronic mass media and social internet is very active, no news even little can be hidden from anyone.

Also, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is very active nowadays and it is very actively monitoring websites all over the world, especially those websites which are gathering personal information of their members.

So, I think you don’t need to worry about this a lot, just use this extension to save your precious money and enjoy an amazing experience of online buying which you haven’t experience ever before in your life.

Honey online shopping reviews - Get your 20% back at over 20000+ online stores

Honey Gold Rewards – Amazon, Groupon, eBay, and many more Gift cards

Honey App Review – Business Model

If you are wondering about the Honey App Business model OR what is the concept behind the amazing features of free Honey coupon app that is totally free of cost??

How, it can save you more than $20+ (discount or coupon codes) on 20000+ online shopping websites and other top-rated stores all over the world?

Its business model is very simple, but no one has ever got this idea before Ryan Hudson and his Co-founder.

They took the advantage of online buying gap that customers were facing during online shopping and now Honey start-up turned into the company has over 100+ employees and they are now millionaires and very soon achieve the Billionaires mark!

So, Honey Coupon App business model is revolving around the sales, more customers they bring to the online shopping stores, more commission will be acquired by the company.

But, they have to deal with those online stores that already have their customers all over the world. So it’s a tricky part, but they have got it very well.

They usually create a deal with the company and agree upon a certain commission of the cash when you (as a customer) buy their favorite product with the help of those deals or coupon codes on those online stores.

Yousuf Mahtab

Honey Coupon App Referral Program – Free Rewards [Honey GOLD]

The honey app is working very smartly and they have already introduced the “Honey Gold” feature to its all members in order to acquire more members day by day.

They have started a referral program in which you can share your affiliate link with your friends or family like this (joinhoney.com/ref/9sikta) and when your friend signs up with your affiliate link and make his/her first valid purchase, you will receive 500 Honey Golds in return.

Awesome – With Free Coupon codes, you will also get [500 Honey Gold Reward] – Your passive income.

Invite a friend and get 500 Free Honey Gold with their 1st qualifying purchase

Get 500 Honey Gold for Every Friend You Refer – Honey App review

It’s an awesome reward program, where you can earn 500 Honey Gold on every valid purchase of anyone who has used your affiliate link during signup.

Another important thing is that you can also earn Honey Gold when you make your purchase with those online stores that are already listed in Honey Gold Rewards Program“.


Honey App Rewards Program - Free Referral program of Honey Coupon App

Honey Coupon App – Free Rewards Program 2018 – Earn Honey Gold

You just have to make sure that there is a small “Gicon on joinhoney.com and in the Honey extension. If you see the Gold icon, it means that a specific store participates in Honey Gold Rewards program.

So what you can do with your Free Honey Gold Rewards.

After earning 1000 Honey Gold points, you can exchange it with $10 gift card for most famous stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, HP, and many others. I think it’s a very easy and awesome way to make some money back while getting the best deals and coupon codes.

You can read more about the Rewards program on an official website of Honey. They have explained it very well and in-depth. Please check out their official blog on Rewards program.

Free Honey Coupon App [Alternatives 2018]

As we have reviewed the Honey app in detail. Now let’s check out the other alternatives which are already available on the internet, can anyone of them compete with the free honey browser extension?

We will also check the pros and cons of those free coupon codes websites, but I will recommend you to use other free coupon codes in parallel with the Honey app because Honey App is new and it is continuously growing, so everyone can take a very good advantage of it and use it while shopping online.

Free Coupon Codes for Online Shopping

1: Retailmenot

2: Coupons

3: Groupon

4: Slickdeals

These are the 4 most popular and best free coupon codes websites and customers are widely use them while shopping online!

Pros & Cons of Free Coupon Websites – Mentioned Above


  • Works for local stores as well
  • You can filter coupon codes based on region, categories and discount type
  • The mobile app is also present
  • Bounty and affiliate programs are also available


Is it Safe to Use Free Honey Coupon App?

Before making the review on Honey Coupon app, I was searching for the best websites who have already reviewed the Honey App.

After reviewing about 15 articles, I found one article that has already published on the internet and it is currently at the top 10 results on the keyword “Honey app reviews“.

It is a very detailed article, they have mainly focussed on the security issues of using Honey app and explained in-depth.

I really want to thanks to the author of the article “Honey chrome extension review” which is published on Techjunkie website

You should really have to check that blog: Honey chrome extension review

According to the Techjunkie’s article:

Their privacy policy is pretty easy to read and understand, and in May of 2018, they published a manifesto on their site surrounding Honey and privacy, making it clear that the data they collect goes towards building a community and crowdsourcing information as it pertains to deals and working coupon codes.


My Recommendation!

My recommendation is very simple. I believe in Honey App. With Free Honey App extension, you can save your precious money during online shopping.

Until now, Honey app members have saved nearly about $800 million in total.

Just do your work and forget about the rest. you don’t need to focus on everything about this free app. This app is working perfectly fine and that’s why I have made a very detailed and in-depth guide on this.

If you really concern about your security while surfing on the internet, you first have to delete your Facebook account, because we already know that they have sold our personal data to other 3rd party companies.

It is on the record. But we are already using Facebook and other social media websites without any fear including me also.

BTW, If you have got some useful information from my article or either you find this article amazing, please share it with others, so others can also get the advantage of this free Honey App and save some cash on their future online purchase.

Visit Eliteguide.net for other most amazing articles. I will keep updating this article based on the Honey App news.  Please make sure to visit this article again.

Yousuf – (Founder of Eliteguide)

Hi, my name is Yousuf Mahtab and by profession, I am an Electrical Engineer. In part-time, I used to run my affiliate business and doing freelance work (which includes SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Ad Campaigns, blogging etc).I am very fond of technology and update myself every time when new technology or new tech product comes into the market. I believe in one thing, "If you have a passion to achieve something, you will definitely achieve it."

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