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Hello, Everyone! I know you are wondering why I have created this page on my website with the title “Best Articles”? as my website is all about the “Affiliate Marketing” stuff.

So, let me tell you a short story that inspired me to write what I was passionate about a very long time. It was a time when I was sixteen years old (back in 2010) and I was very curious and I had so many questions in my mind related to online stuff on the internet.

Latest and updated best articles of eliteguide's website published by Yousuf Mahtab (founder of Eliteguide)

Best Articles on Eliteguide’s website

That was the time when I decided to write something on the internet, but I didn’t have an internet connection at my home. and I used to go to Internet cafes to use the internet.

I was in school at that time and I didn’t even know how to start? how to write with proper English Grammer?

Personal Website

But now I have my own personal website “Eliteguide” and I can write whatever I want to, so it’s not just a conventional or an ordinary Affiliate marketing website who aims to write product reviews and buyers guides and put tons of affiliate links into it.

That’s why I want to make my website looks different than others. On my website, you will find unique content, product reviews and buyers guides which I have written after complete analysis.

I have written an article “Honey App reviews – Secret to Save Money Online” which has nothing to do with the Affiliate marketing, but I was written that because of my passion – I just wanted to write a review about free honey coupon app, so I did.

Save money with free Honey Coupon App

Want to save your Dollars while shopping online?

That article is still ranking on Google with over 43+ Keywords. I used the “Skyscraper Technique” created by Brian Dean (Founder of Backlinko website).

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