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My name is Yousuf Mahtab and by professional, I am an Electrical Engineer and currently working as a Power Systems Engineer in a reputable company which is registered in Seattle, Washington USA.

What Motivates Me to Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

It was a time when my friend was facing issue while cleaning his duct (HVAC). He used to clean its duct manually, but after every few months, it got messed up and filled up with dirt. At the time, we searched on the internet and found something very amazing i.e. “Inspection Camera“. We immediately bought that product which cost us about $40 and with the help of inspection endoscope, we used to clean our duct in a very close manner, so that no dirt held up there. So the whole job, was completed by the inspection endoscope, we just needed to view the space either it is cleaned or not?

I got an awesome inspiration from this and ended up making my first Amazon Affiliate website based on the niche “Inspection Camera”. I have something very amazing to share with all of you!

Passion gives you Motivation. If you have a passion for achieving something, then you can definitely achieve it.

Yousuf Mahtab