Best Inspection Camera [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Inspection camera Guide – How to select the Best Endoscope for Inspection in 2018

Finding the best inspection camera in 2018 can be a tedious or time-consuming task because if you search on Amazon or eBay, you may find a lot of brands and it often taking you several hours of your time and causing serious frustration to choose the best endoscope that fits your all needs.

Today I will give you a complete guide and detailed review to select the best inspection endoscope according to your need, it will save you some of your precious time.

If you’ve probably never considered buying an inspection camera in 2018. After reading my post, you will definitely be going to buy that one.

So if you are wondering what the hell is inside your wall? What is present in the sewer or pipe? what’s leaking under your car? Buy best digital inspection camera now and save your head, because it is too precious and big!

best inspection camera - Perfect Guide for Affordable inspection endoscope


What is an Inspection Camera OR Borescope Inspection Camera?

So many of you wonder, what is digital inspection Camera? Why do we use it for? And what is the advantage of using it? And what is the price? Or is it available under 50$?

It’s like a remote-controlled inspection device with a gooseneck flexible or rigid cable and camera inspection with a light attached to its head. You can feed its cable through walls, air ducts, pipes, sewer lines and under cars, or anywhere else your hands, head and eyes could not reach.


Borescope camera is widely used today. Thanks to the latest technology which makes it lightweight, compact design and an easy-to-carry instrument with HD display and long battery life.

Types of Borescope or Endoscope Inspection Camera

If you go to the market, you may find many different types of best borescope camera from hand-held to giant size. It totally depends upon your choice and use. Looking for a good quality bets endoscope inspection camera for all your inspection needs, you may find borescope inspection camera under 50$ or above 100$.

I know many of you are confused to know how many types of inspection cameras? When you search on Google, you may find different answers for the wireless endoscope or USB inspection camera. But I will tell you the exact types of best inspection camera according to the design and purpose or need.


Types of best inspection cameras

Best inspection camera – Types of endoscopes

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Types of Inspection Cameras based on Design:

  • USB Endoscope Inspection camera or USB snake camera

    If you are tight on budget and want to have the best android endoscope or USB endoscope for daily home inspection, then USB endoscope inspection camera with semi-rigid cable will be the best choice for you. It is very popular nowadays, because of its design and price. Many manufacturers are offering a large range of best USB endoscope in the affordable budget or under 150$ budget.These type of inspection cameras can be easily used for Android and iPhone smartphones, they are more durable, easy to operate and offer a wide range of customization, but the image quality is quite low, it is feasible for those who don’t need extensive inspection. It works fine for daily home inspection works.

OUR BEST PICK: USB Endoscope, Depstech 2 in 1 Semi-rigid Borescope Inspection Camera
Depstech semi-rigid inspection endoscope

  • WiFi or Wireless Endoscope Inspection camera

    Wifi inspection camera is very handy and doesn’t need any wired cable or connector, it can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi connection and works best with both Android and IOS smartphones. This android and pc endoscope can support 3-4 devices simultaneously to view the live inspection photos or videos. It is usually coming with semi-rigid gooseneck cable which is flexible and can bend and adjust its shape to access a wide variety of confined place.

OUR BEST PICK: Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera with 2.0 Megapixels HD Snake Camera


wifi or wireless endoscope inspection camera

  • Digital Endoscope Inspection camera

    So if you want completely handy, lightweight and compact design digital inspection camera that fulfills all your image and video capturing needs, then this might be the amazing and best digital endoscope inspection camera for you. It is a digital video inspection camera that does not need any wired or wireless connection. It is very easy to use and easy to operate, it comes with a micro SD card, by which you can easily transfer captured images or video recording to your laptops or tablets later on. In order to power up this video borescope inspection camera, you will conventional AA batteries.

OUR BEST PICK: Depstech Waterproof Digital Videoscope with CMOS Sensor Inspection Camera

Depstech Waterproof digital Videoscope

Types of Inspection Cameras based on Purpose:

  1. Inspection camera for Duct (HVAC) pipes and sewer
  2. Inspection camera for Android & IOS Smartphones
  3. Inspection camera for USB endoscopy
  4. Inspection camera for plumbers
  5. Inspection camera for electricians
Still With Me??
I know, you are not bored yet, below is the more exciting stuff which will help you to decide, either you have to buy best borescope camera or not in 2018 or onwards….you will be more curious to know more about it?? Am I right??

Inspection Camera for Duct, Pipes & Sewer lines:

best inspection endoscope for duct, pipe and sewer

I am sure, you have always been faced an issue while cleaning duct (HVAC), Pipes, Sink and Sewer. The best way to ensure these places are being cleaned completely is to visually see them inside, that’s why these inspection cameras are built to reduce the pain of seeing from the inside. With these inspection cameras, small & normally inaccessible places can now be remotely visually inspected during and after cleaning to ensure a thorough job is done.

  • Easily locate the confined area, where you can’t see with a naked eye
  • Ensure places are completely free of dust
  • Locate problem areas in existing pipes, ducts and sewer lines


Inspection Camera for Electricians & Industrial Use:

                                                       Special purpose best inspection camera is widely used by electricians nowadays and it saves a lot of time for them. It is easily available at an affordable cost. Most of the advanced digital endoscopes are equipped with Wi-Fi and detachable screen with a rechargeable battery, which will provide ease during fieldwork and in a facility.

Industrial handheld borescope inspection camera is very expensive and equipped with a high-resolution camera to provide highly optimized images and video recordings.



Inspection camera for Android, IOS Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

In today’s world, everyone is very techy and use the latest smartphones.
So is it not better to use top rated inspection camera that easily connects to Depstech semi-rigid inspection endoscopeyour smartphones either with wired cable or wireless connection. The fact of the matter is, however, these cameras may not be good enough to replace the expensive ones, but they still offer enough convenience to be more than worth their (relatively modest) price tag.

Since they’re so small and very handy, you can easily carry them with you from job to job without having to lug around a whole separate toolbox.

It is easy to use and immediately operational when you connect it to your mobile phones.

Inspection camera for Plumbers:

Inspection of pipelines, toilets, sinks, ducts and sewer lines is becoming more important nowadays for proper cleaning and is done with a digital inspection camera with a push rod to provide you a tool inserted down the pipes and sewer lines and that is able to inspect the inside of them, that would otherwise be impossible

Being able to use a best sewer & pipe inspection camera to visualize problems will aid you in permanently fixing plumbing problems the first time they occur. 

Knowing the specific nature of a problem early will also help you better determine the most efficient way to deal with it, saving you and your customers, time, effort, and money.

  • Check the specific nature of a clog or damage
  • Determine the exact area of damage or clog
  • Check condition of older pipes and sewer systems
  • Recognize problem areas before there is damage or clogs.

Pros & Cons of an Inspection camera


  • Handy and portable
  • Saves Time and money
  • Available at affordable cost
  • Provides accurate and live results
  • Easy to carry, and easy to use
  • Equipped with the latest technology i.e. (Wifi, sensors, high-resolution camera)


How to use a Borescope inspection camera? Best Guide for using any Inspection Camera!

Let’s move forward and see how to use a simple borescope inspection camera for everyday use. This is the much-awaited question everyone wants.

Digital inspection or video borescope is very easy to handle and easy to use, even a layman can easily use it without any guide. That’s why its use is increasing day by day. Best endoscope camera comes with a camera-enabled device capable of giving live or real-time image & video results. It is also attached with a gooseneck cable which easily attains a fixed shape.

Various buttons are present on a device along with on/off button. If you have to inspect something, for example, inspect anything under your car, you have to place your gooseneck cable under the car, and the results will be shown directly on the LCD screen of borescope camera.

You see how wonderful it is??? I really inspired by this easy feature, and I have my own home inspection camera since 2016. I will suggest everyone please try purchasing it one time, and you will be amazed by its results.

Best Use of inspection camera

4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying the Best Borescope! 2018 Buying Guide

I know everyone has this question in mind that what things we must check or consider before buying the best endoscope camera? you may find a lot of answers on the internet, but you may still confuse due to different opinions.

If you don’t have the time to search for it again, I have summarized all those answers and tried my best to give you a better and informative opinion. Hope you will like my answer, please let me know your feedback in the comments section.

1: Budget & Usage

First, decide your usage and then consider your budget and search on Amazon or eBay for the “best inspection camera” or “best endoscope camera” or may be specific keywords like “best android endoscope camera review”, “iPhone endoscope reviews”. It will give you a list of best sellers and then choose the one which best suits you according to your needs and budget.

2: Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is the most important feature you have to look for when searching for an inspection or borescope camera. It really adds value to your device. But keep in mind, if you want best results then it will cost you more, but today’s technology has played a vital role, and now you can get your inspection camera with full HD resolution inspection camera under 100$ easily.

3: Cable length and flexibility

In addition to that, you just need a cable which is flexible and can adjust itself at any closed or confined area, cable length totally depends on your needs and purpose, if you go for extensive inspection of pipes or sewer etc. may be best sewer camera with a long cable more than 10 ft. will be the best choice for you.

4: Battery

Inspection scope camera is usually powered by external batteries or comes with built-in AA rechargeable batteries, so always check the backup time of these batteries, in addition to that, batteries are not included in package, you may need to purchase batteries separately, make sure to check this note in the description before buying borescope snake camera.

5: Wireless or USB Capability

Most of you will prefer wifi endoscope or wifi inspection camera because it is easy to use and popular right now, and can easily connect to multiple devices simultaneously without the need for different cables or adapters. But please make sure, most of the endoscope cameras have Wi-Fi connecting issues, so please make sure to read all the reviews before going to buy that product. You can also go for the best USB inspection camera and best USB endoscope which is less pricey than the wifi endoscope.

Product Reviews: Top 5 Best Inspection Cameras of 2018 & onwards –  Best Review Guide

Review 1:

Depstech Wireless Endoscope with Built-in Wi-Fi Borescope HD Snake Inspection Camera Review

The reason why I have selected this product at the top is because I personally bought this product about 2 months ago, I had a water leak in my room wall last week and I didn’t know where it was, but this endoscope camera enabled me to find it by just drilling 1 inch hole in the wall. I would definitely say that hiring a plumber could have cost me over $500 , but I was able to isolate the problem and fix the leak for less than 50$

Depstech snake endoscope camera is now available at 20% discount on Amazon, so you can easily get it at a low price than original, I will definitely say that this is one of the best android endoscope inspection camera and it is currently on the best-selling wifi borescope inspection camera on the Amazon Best-sellers list 2018.

Check it by yourself, if you don’t agree with me. I will definitely say that it is the next generation inspection camera under 40$ budget of 2017 & 2018 combined with built-in Wi-Fi endoscope and 2.0 Megapixels HD Snake inspection camera with three adjustable resolutions 320×240, 640×480, 1280 x 720,1600×1200 that is quite enough for best results. It works fine for Android, IOS smartphones and latest tablets including Samsung etc. Let me show you its most important features:

  • Works with all Android and IOS smartphones.
  • 2.0 Megapixels water-proof inspection camera
  • 30 fps rate for smooth video & image capturing
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, no need of extra adapter or cable
  • Based on unique Blue LED technology
  • Long size (11.5 Ft) gooseneck cable
  • Portable, handy, and easy to use
  • Built-in Battery is not capable to provide long back up, always carry a backup charger.
  • Not ideal for very tight and confined places.
  • No builtin display or LCD screen, you have to connect it via smartphone, tablet, and laptops etc.

Review 2:

Teslong Industrial Professional Borescope Inspection Camera with 0.21inch Waterproof Gooseneck

So, if you have to inspect something in an industry or field. You might need a best automotive borescope camera with best HD quality image and video results. This might be right product for you under 150$ budget. It is a mid-range borescope inspection camera for an industrial use. Electricians, machine technicians, field engineers and workers can easily take an advantage of professional industrial borescope inspection camera.

One of the main advantages of buying this product is that it comes with various awesome features. It is equipped with its own 3.5-inch LCD screen, so you don’t to connect it via external source. The LCD screen is water-proof, so it can be used under harsh weather or variety of circumstances.

It is equipped with 0.31 Megapixels camera by which you can easily capture images of 640*480 HD definition. Also, Teslong industrial borescope is quite portable, hand-held and lightweight, thus allowing you to carry it with full ease. The waterproof semi-rigid cable is very flexible, it can easily adjust its shape well enough to enter some tight or confined spots.

At this point, most of you worry about its battery backup time. I will say without doubt that its back up time is really great, it is equipped with 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, which is quite enough for long usage, it provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation time, so you don’t need to carry an extra charger with it every time.

The LED intensity/brightness can be adjusted by pressing a button. There are 4 settings, off, low, medium, and high. Works well for wet or shiny areas where reflections might be an issue.

As a truly multifunctional professional best borescope inspection system, this Teslong product is definitely worth considering. Teslong  will provide you 12-Months warranty of borescope inspection camera, Micro-USB Cable, TF Card and accessories(Mirror, Hook, Magnet).

  1. PROS:
    • Compact design, unique and easy to use
    • Lightweight and portable
    • 3.5-inch QVGA LCD screen weighs only 0.44lb
    • The waterproof semi-rigid cable is very flexible
    • 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation time
    • Equipped with 3.5 LCD color screen for display
    • Provides high-resolution image & video quality
    • waterproof (IP67-rated) camera probe and rain-proof main body
    • Storage up to 32 GBs
    • Microscopic details are not clear, so if you are a kind of person who wants HD quality with small microscopic details, then maybe this product is not very good for you
    • Device is uncomfortable to hold, no gripping is provided.



Teslong Classic Endoscope, 0.21inch Semi Rigid Waterproof Gooseneck Borescope 3.5inch LCD Screen Inspection Camera

It is another great handy tool for inspection of various purposes. This industrial video endoscope camera has been in great demand for 5 years and it is widely used for automotive, sewer lines, drain pipes, HVAC, mechanical inspection, and house inspection, etc.

It is considered to be the best borescope for electricians and HVAC . It has a built-in sharp 3.5-inch color LCD screen with a built-in adjustable 1W LED light with an additional 6 dimmable LED lights head, which makes it easy to see things without the light blowing out details.

It is equipped with 3 Megapixels HD resolution camera with 4 zoom options and capable of providing resolution of up to 1280×720 (HD Display), which is technically the low end of the HD class. You can choose any of the two different size probes (either 9.8ft. or 16.5ft.) which is quite long and enough to insert anywhere.

The diameter of probe camera has been very much improved in this model, it has a 5.5mm/0.21 inch diameter, it makes it easier to extend the field of view to a narrower space and can easily enter into the engine of a car, drain and sewer lines, drill hole of the wall, HVAC and even in the gun-barrel.

Resolution ratio (photograph):640×480,720×480, 1600×1200, 2048×1536(Pixels)
Resolution ratio (video): 320×240,720×480,1280×720(Pixels)

Camera, sensor, cable probe are all waterproof with  IP67 protection rating. Teslong Classic Endoscope camera is fully quality assured, comes with multiple choices of probes and 12 months of warranty for the screen, probe, LED lights, camera and accessories.

1: Probe cable is available in two sizes
2: Built-in 3.5 inch color LCD screen
3: Lightweight with unique design
4: Plastic body for easy gripping
5: 3 Megapixels CMOS sensor inspection camera with resolution of up to 1280 x 720
6: Fully water-proof with IP-67 protection rating.

1: For power up  the device, you must need 4xAA batteries, which is not included in the product package.
2: Device/screen is not water-proof, only probe cable with led lights and
3: You must insert a TF card for image and video capturing.
4: Fixed focal length of about 3 to 6 cm


BlueFire Super Long Semi-rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope Wi-Fi Borescope 2 MP HD Resolutions Inspection Camera Snake Camera

If you have an issue with your default android inspection camera which has a short length cable, then this might be the right product for you. It is the newest type of endoscope camera which is cable of working with both Android smartphones (Above Android 4.4) and iPhones (Above IOS 8.0). BlueFire Wi-Fi inspection camera has its own Wi-Fi Signal and a build-in Li-lon rechargeable battery, there is no external cable or adapter needed, you can use this inspection camera by directly connecting it to the wireless connection.

One of the most awesome features is the “WIFI VIEW”, you just need to download this app on your smartphone and scan the QR code, it will automatically detect the device. If you want to view the live image and video results, then you just need to connect your smart device via this APP and the live video will show up on the screen. This inspection camera comes with pretty long size semi-rigid flexible cable of about 15 meters, which can bend and hold its shape to access a wide variety of confined place, such as drill holes or pipes, sewer lines, duct etc.

It is fully equipped with 2 Megapixels HD borescope camera, you can enjoy a wonderful experience of recording a clear close range HD video in AVI format and snapshot image in JPG format with three adjustable resolutions 320×240, 640×480, 1280 x 720.

It is an ideal and the best inspection camera for HVAC, electricians, home inspection, automotive and industrial repair. You can record video and take clear pictures with ease.

1: 6 adjustable LED lights at the top of the camera probe, provides brightness control option
2: Battery backup time: 1 hour on full charged
3: waterproof cable, LED lights, sensor, and camera with an IP-67 rating
4: 2 Million pixels HD camera which provides a detailed view
5: support up to 2-4 smartphones, tablets or laptops at the same time.


1: You are not allowed to reset the WIFI password by yourself, otherwise the borescope will be useless.
2: Inspection camera might turn hot when LED is at full brightness
3: Not suitable for underground details, cannot provide clear results.



Digital Inspection Snake Camera with 0.21inch Lens, 2.7-inch Color Screen, 9.84ft Semi-Rigid Tube, Function of Zoo

It is the next evolution digital borescope inspection camera which is capable of providing the best view even in a dark place or confined area.  Its slim 5.5mm Diameter Probe enables you to reach any small and hard to reach the area, such as engines compartment, drill holes, HVAC and drain pipes etc.

You can also use the camera to locate lost items even in dark places.

Its endoscope camera is equipped with 6 bright adjustable LED lights which enables you to have a better view when the surroundings are dark.

There is a torch which is also present on the body of the endoscope and it could provide an additional light for inspection.  2.7″ HD color LCD screen, enables view live video instantly.

With the waterproof (IP67-rated) camera probe and rain-proof main body, you could also check water pipelines and drain or sewer lines.

Its battery timing is very suitable for those who need long usage. Build in rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery, supports 6 hours continues working time, its compact size let you control all the buttons with one hand easily, the silicon buttons with back-lit offers extra comfort and convenience.

1: There is a very little problem with this product when the camera is too close to something, the picture will be blurry or not clear. Always avoid taking your camera too close to the required area.
2: No gripping is present for holding
3: not suitable for gun-barrel inside view inspection
4: Not suitable for medical use and personal body inspection